Allow Categories

Ok, latest wordpress plugin modification. This time its of L. Fargue’s Restrict categories plugin.

  • Users are assigned permissions to view posts in certain categories
  • If users don’t have permission to certain posts, those posts aren’t shown, including in the main view and archives.
  • Categories can be made public to everyone, and there is an option to force users to login.
  • This is an initial version, so please report any errors or bugs.

1) Download the plugin:
2) Unzip it
3) Copy to your wp-content/plugins directory
4) Activate within wordpress admin
5) Goto Managed->Allow Categories to edit permissions

Change Log:
Removed debug statement
Fix for recent posts
Remove debug statement
Added allow_list_categories($args) function that can be used in templates to replace wp_list_categories($args) functions. This is a work around until wordpress provide a proper hook for filter a list of categories, so its not perfect. It may work in place of some wp_list_cats() and list_cats() too.
Fix for (Public) posts and redirect to login
Admin users no longer show up in list for version 2.5+
Option to redirect to login if viewing a post or category that is not public and the user is not already logged in
Small bug fix to comment logic in 0.5.6
Allows editing of draft posts by non-admin owner of the draft.
Shows comment content for RSS for public posts or for RSS readers that
know that share login information with the browser (eg. Opera).
Bug fix that would show posts to users who had no categories listed.

This plugin is experimental and is provided with no support or warranty. It should not be considered as providing complete security to wordpress content.