Les Paul Junior / Tele Hybrid – Fano SP6 Clone

Every since I first came across the Fano SP6, I’ve wondered if it was possible to build something similar. It’s a really great looking design, half Les Paul Jr. and half Telecaster. It took me a while to find any parts that would suit this, so I thought I’d list them out here so it’s easier for you all to find:

BYO Guitar do a complete kit that’s very similar, you could buy a Les Paul Special pickguard and you’d be set:

There are a couple of sellers on eBay that do bodies that have Strat style neck pockets:
Rosser Guitars

Finally if you want to go completely custom, Precision guitars can custom CNC you any body shape with any routing:

Precision Guitar Kits have a custom junior that can be used to do something similar:

Just found the Rondo Agile AL-2500. Pretty much a complete clone. The control plate looks a bit in the wrong place though.