Pedalboard Panel Mount USB With Hub

I installed a USB hub in my pedalboard because I was sick of having to remove pedals to get to the the USB sockets on the pedals. The hub I used is non-powered, I’m not sure if some other pedals might require a powered one. I got some cheap short right angle USB cables off eBay to make the wiring really neat.

This video shows it working with:
– TC Alter Ego V2 (Flashback / Toneprint Software)
– Neunaber Slate (Pedal Customizer Software)
– Fishman Aura Spectrum DI (Aura Gallery Software)

Hybrid Special & S-Bucker 5-way Switch

Just got Jon Press Guitars to route a 5-way switch for my Michael Kelly Hybrid Special. Makes it much easier to access the coil tapping options of the Catwhisker S-Bucker and made me realise that apart from on traditional Gibson instruments, all humbucker guitars should come with a 5-way switch rather than 3 position and separate coil tap switches. There is now an unused switch that I’ll probably remove and find a cover for.

Here’s the wiring. The S-Bucker has quite a different coil tap setup.


Guitar Amps In A Pedal And Other Micro Amps

Just a quick list because I was bored and thinking about it. I’ve owned a Diago Little Smasher and EHX Caliber 22.

Quilter Microblock 45 45 Watt
Baroni Mini Amp 50 50 Watt
Electro Harmonix Magnium 44/Caliber 22 44 Watt
Traynor DH25H 25 Watt
Diago Little Smasher 5 Watt
Bluguitar Amp1 100 Watt
Ethos Overdrive/Clean Amp 30 Watt
Quilter Toneblock/Quilter 101 Mini Head 200 Watt
ZT Amps Lunchbox 200 Watt
Orange Micro Terror/Micro Dark 20 Watt
Create PowerBlock (Discontinued) 150 Watt
Randall RG13 1 Watt
Taurus Stomphead 70 Watt
Hotone Mojo Attack 75 Watt
Stomp Amp Brown 30 Watt
DV Mark Micro 50 50 Watt
Seymour Ducan PowerStage 170 170 Watt