Digitech iStomp and the new iPhone 5 lightning connector

Update 10/10/2013:
A whole year on and apparently they’ve fixed the issue, but they are giving away all but one of the iStomp pedals away for free!

Update 11/03/2013:
Digitech explain things at their link here:

Update 15/02/2013:
Digitech have just sent a push notification to all their users saying that if use the iStomp with the lightning connector it can render the iStomp unusable. They should have tested this a long time ago when people like me originally emailed them. I’m glad I didn’t try and test it for them with mine!

Update 25/09/2012:
Here’s the latest they sent me. I still don’t quite see how hard it could be to actually buy one and test it themselves:

"Apple is telling us they have an adaptor that will work. I personally have not seen it yet.
Digitech Support"

I’ve been interested in maybe getting an iStomp for a while now. I was a little concerned whether it would work after Apple introduced the new iPhone 5, with its new lightning connector. I was already sad that they took away video output which I loved.

So I contacted Digitech support about whether the Lightning to 30-pin adaptor would work with the iStomp. I couldn’t find any other information out on the interweb, so while I can’t guarantee it will work (it won’t work), here’s the reply I got:

"Thanks for your interest in our products. Regarding the cable, we don’t anticipate there being any problems but since the adapter is not available yet, we cannot verify any compatibility problems at this time.
Digitech Support"

So I hope it will keep working, and I hope it works for things like the iRig midi as well. We should know soon though!