Guitar History

Total count in (brackets)

1993 – Yamaha Acoustic (1)
1994 – Aria Pro Electric (2)
1997 – Musicman Silhouette Special (3)
1998 – Fender Tele Nylon String (4)
1998 – Sold Aria Pro Electric (3)
1998 – Fender Bass (Used) (4)
1999 March – Gibson ES-175 (5)
1999 May – Sold Fender Bass (4)
1999 May – Sold Yamaha Acoustic and bought it back straight away (3/4)
2001 – Takamine (5)
2002 – G&L Legacy 2000 (6)
2006 – Sold Takamine (5)
2006 – Another Takamine (6)
2007 – PRS Santana SE (7)
2009 Nov – Michael Kelly Hybrid Special (8)
2009 Nov – Sold PRS Santana SE (7)
2009 Dec – Sold Musicman (6)
2009 Dec – Sold Gibson ES-175 (5)
2011 Nov – Sold Fender Tele Nylon String (4)
2014 – Gave away Yamaha Acoustic (3)
2016 Mar – Fender Strat Partscaster (4)
2018 Aug – Sold Michael Kelly Hybrid Special (3)
2018 Nov – Sold G&L Tribute L2000 (2)

2018 Oct – Nature Jazz Bass Copy
2018 Nov – Fender Bullet Strat

Reader Comments

  1. Hey James, greetings from Venezuela, south america. Dude i just watch your videos about the michael kelly hybrid, im gonna get one of those and is really important to me if you help me with a couple of questions..
    I have owned PRS SE guitars (korean) and i think those are really well made, how do you compare those two (MK and PRS SE) in terms of quality?
    How about the stock pickups? Im in a rock band and i need to get just a good crunch sound, tight and defined. The dimarzios were a nice improve?
    I would really apreciate a soon answer, here in my country you cant find one of those MK, and im just doing lots of research in posts like yours (really helpful), youtube, reviews….. So i can order it via internet.. its a risky businness lol..



  2. Hi Javier,

    Thanks so much for you interest in my video/guitar. Would love to answer your questions and help you make a decision.

    PRS SE vs. Hybrid
    I personally love both. The PRS SE I had was the old PRS Santana SE. This was cheaper than the new SE’s, but the build quality was the same, great action, great finish. The newer SE’s tend to be a little bit more expensive, but they have things like flame tops and wood binding, which adds to the price. A friend of mine has the new PRS SE single cut, and I came very close to buying one as well, so I know thew new PRS SE guitars well too. The Michael Kelly compares very well for build quality / action. The spalted maple looks great, and the back is translucent maroon so you can see the wood. The PRS SE’s feel a little heavier, but this might be because the Hybrid Special is semi hollow body, rather than the PRS being denser/higher quality wood. Honestly the fit and finish seem quite similar, and since they’re both made in Korea, they could even be made in the same factory. Not sure though :P

    Stock Pickups
    The stock pickups on the Hybrid Special are pretty good. They are a bright/tight pickup that would be good for rock. The reason I changed to Dimarzios was actually because I wanted something warmer and more vintage, because that’s my style. The stock Hybrid pickups are very like the ones on the newer PRS SE Single cut (brighter). My new Dimarzios are more like the ones my old PRS Santana SE (warmer). The Santana SE was possibly even warmer, but that is all mahogany didn’t have a maple top, unlike my Hybrid or the new SE Single cuts.

    Buying Online
    I know what you mean about buying online, I was definitely worried. But I’d heard the build quality for MK was very consistent, so I trusted a seller on Ebay. Turned out to be great, the fit of the neck is perfect, and the action is great too. I prefer the neck on the MK to the PRS SEs because its slightly thinner, in between a Strat and a PRS. The PRS SE has quite a fat neck. I took the risk of shipping mine in the original cardboard box, but some people buy a hard case from the seller at the same time to be extra safe. For me it worked out fine though, and there was no damage to the guitar.

    As I said I thought about a PRS SE, because I love the shape of the body, and was thinking of modifying it to have a piezo. But I also like semi hollow guitars, and I love the spalted maple on the MK, so I’m really glad I got it. Its several years on, and every time I look at it on its stand in my office/studio I think, “That is a beautiful looking guitar”, hopefully I won’t have the urge to buy another guitar for a long time. Though I also love the look vintage sunburst of 50’s Stat :P

    Hope that was all clear. Let me know if you have more questions.

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