Two-Rock Copied My Deluxe Reverb!

Two-Rock Copied My Deluxe Reverb!

Ok, not really, but I had already modified my Deluxe Reverb with:
– Be switchable high power fixed bias/low power cathode bias
– Reverb/Tremolo on both channels
– Bright cap removed
– Modified ’68 custom tone stack
– Modified negative feedback
– Post phase inverter master volume (although I didn’t like this on this amp and removed it)

And I was going to add:
– Add raw (tone stack bypass) with volume control
– Bias Tremolo (but only after converting to hand wired)

I was recently looking at what amps were on the market, and realised the Two-Rock Vintage Deluxe is essentially this amp:
– Low power mode is cathode bias
– Single channel with reverb/tremolo
– Bright cap switchable
– Mid control/Texture control
– Presence control
– Master Volume
– Tone stack bypass (with tone control)
– Bias Tremolo

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