Gibson ES-175 Reissue for sale

When I was 18 I got a beautiful ES-175 Reissue jazz guitar, intending to use it at Jazz gigs. As it turns out its the one guitar I’ve never gigged with, oh I played a couple of weddings! Anyway as part of wanting to live on less so that others can simply live I’m going to sell it.

Money from the sale will go towards the Shatin Anglican Church Solar Lighting project in Duncalan, Philippines. Leave a comment on this post with your email if you’re interested.

1) As new condition with case
2) Pickups changed to the amazing sounding Bendetto B-6s
3) Original pickups included
4) Beautiful flame maple top
5) HK$15,000

Reader Comments

  1. Hello How Much Do You Want for your Gibson Guitar? i plan to give it to my grandfather for his upcoming birthday late this year, i am from manila philippines. you may email me or contact me thank you!

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