Apple LED Cinema Display with a PC

This is a really random post, but like the MySQL Bit post, it took me ages to find the right information on the internet, so thought I would blog it. I wondered if it was possible to run the 24″/27″ Apple LED Cinema Display which only have a DisplayPort input with a PC that normally only have a VGA or DVI adaptor. I’ve realised it is using these adaptors:

However the caveats are:

  • – VGA only supports up to 2048×1533 and I’m not sure if the above will take a VGA signal to DVI
  • – The first model which is DVI only supports up to 1920×1200
  • – The second model which supports the full 2560×1440 of the 27″ required a Dual Link DVI, which as few PCs have as have as a DisplayPort adaptor

Long and short of it is, if you really want to from a laptop you’ll get low resolution at best, from a desktop your best bet is to buy a graphics card with a DisplayPort adaptor output, or better yet get a mac. I think part of the reason for DisplayPort over VGA/DVI and even HDMI is the higher resolution.

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