Pedaltrain Mini/Nano/Metro Power Supply Options

Cioks DC5 This is the first isolated power supply design to fit under a Pedaltrain Mini (or nano or metro).
True Tone One Spot I had one of these, but I found it passed noise back when my computer was on the same power supply.
Diago Micropower9 I currently daisy chain with one of these. The cable is starting to wear already though, so I may go back to a One Spot. They also have the Diago Powerstation which can output 3000mA! This might even fit under a pedaltrain mini, will try and let you know:
Diago Isolator If you’re daisy chaining and need just one or two pedals isolated, this can be a cheap addition.
Mooer PDNW/PDNT Similar to the Diago, I haven’t tried one yet, so I don’t know how good it is.
Mooer Micro Power 93.5×42×36 (mm) These outputs are independently filtered outputs, but not transformer isolated I believe. Here’a a pic on a Pedaltrain Nano:
Mosky DC-Tank 95×38×29 (mm) Overall slightly smaller than the mooer, and according to the manufacturer isolated outputs. Super cheap at US$35.
Mosky Nano Power Station 93×38×31 (mm) Pretty much the same size as the DC-Tank, but doesn’t say the outputs are isolated.
One Control Micro Distro 98x48x35 (mm) Another non-isolated solution. I’ve seen people fit these into Pedaltrain boards here and here. It’s not isolated though:
Pedaltrain Volto Battery powered solution that fits under newer Pedaltrain Minis and original ones if you’re willing to cut away part of the bottom.
T-Rex Fueltank Junior Pretty much the largest that’s worth considering. Takes up quite a lot of space on top, but you can fit it underneath if you cut away and added higher feet:
Rockboard Power Lt XL A similar idea to the Pedaltain Volto, but cheaper, adds a 5V USB output in addition to 2 standard 9V outputs, and at only 5.8cm wide is small enough to fit under the older Pedaltrain Minis (made before summer 2012) which cannot fit the Volto or Cioks DC-5
Mouse Electronics 6×9 Another small isolated power supply, not quite small enough to fit under a mini or nano without riser feet

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