9V 5-10W DIY Guitar Amp (PAM8610 Class D Amplifier Board)

I’ve been wondering about tinkering with a guitar amplifier that runs of a 9V power supply for a while now. I tired a Diago Little Smasher which was loud and great for distorted tones, but not quite loud enough, or enough bass for clean. There are some cheap preassembled boards on eBay using the PAM8610 chip, they rated 10W, but this is probably only at 12V into 4ohm. I got a couple and these are the results:

Red board:
– More expensive
– More bass
– Treble roll off
– Quieter (but can be as loud with a boost/preamp before it)
– Smallest enclosure probably a 1590LB

Black board
– Cheaper
– More hum
– Less bass
– More Treble
– Louder (without preamp)
– Smaller, would fit in 1590H enclosure to make a tiny but loud amp!

Overall I think I liked the tone of the red board more, but I’ll probably put both in some projects.

Reader Comments

  1. Hi. I saw you video on YT. I found pam mini amp module on internet but, what is the third module on you video, can you tell me please and and where i can buy it one like this? Can you provide me some link etc. Thx in advance for you answer

  2. nice sound for a small amp. I want to make one for my son who is now studying guitar. There are 3 boards on your video the pam8610 witu the pot. The 2nd one i dont know the 3rd i guest the tester board. Tnx

  3. Hello James, can you pass along how you achieved this? I’ve been trying to figure out how to accomplish this on my own and you have already done so. Can you provide a schematic or wiring diagram for dummies?

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