Fender Superchamp XD Line In/Mute Switch Mod

I recently did a popular mod to my Superchamp XD. I put a line/poweramp in so that you can just use the tube poweramp, without any of the digital or solid state that comes before it. At the same time I also added a poweramp mute switch so I could use the line out and play when son is asleep in the house. The line in mod will also mute the speaker when a cable is plugged in, but I put the switch in as well because its easier than finding a cable and plugging it in.

Tube amps can be dangerous. Always observe tube amp safety:

Reader Comments

  1. Hi! Isn’t the mod meant to bypass the preamp in order to use the tube _power amp_ only? Also does it really mute the speaker when line in-jack is plugged in? Doesn’t this counteract the very idea of the mod of using the tube-power amp only? :) Not teasing, just genuinely interested!

    I have this amp and very interested in doing this mod sooner or later.

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