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Ok, latest wordpress plugin modification. This time its of L. Fargue’s Restrict categories plugin.

  • Users are assigned permissions to view posts in certain categories
  • If users don’t have permission to certain posts, those posts aren’t shown, including in the main view and archives.
  • Categories can be made public to everyone, and there is an option to force users to login.
  • This is an initial version, so please report any errors or bugs.

1) Download the plugin:
2) Unzip it
3) Copy to your wp-content/plugins directory
4) Activate within wordpress admin
5) Goto Managed->Allow Categories to edit permissions

Change Log:
Removed debug statement
Fix for recent posts
Remove debug statement
Added allow_list_categories($args) function that can be used in templates to replace wp_list_categories($args) functions. This is a work around until wordpress provide a proper hook for filter a list of categories, so its not perfect. It may work in place of some wp_list_cats() and list_cats() too.
Fix for (Public) posts and redirect to login
Admin users no longer show up in list for version 2.5+
Option to redirect to login if viewing a post or category that is not public and the user is not already logged in
Small bug fix to comment logic in 0.5.6
Allows editing of draft posts by non-admin owner of the draft.
Shows comment content for RSS for public posts or for RSS readers that
know that share login information with the browser (eg. Opera).
Bug fix that would show posts to users who had no categories listed.

This plugin is experimental and is provided with no support or warranty. It should not be considered as providing complete security to wordpress content.

Reader Comments

  1. Hi,
    I use allow categories for my website. After update wordpress to version 3.3 the plugin isn’t working correct. Please help!

  2. Hi,
    just to let you know, there seems to be a Problem with event categories in all roles except admins. Activating “Allow Categories” gives everyone except admins an error when publishing an event (“you are not allowed to post in this category”).
    lg stefan

  3. Hi,
    I installed “allow categories” on my wp 3.3.1. website. It works but not correct when I edit menu’s as admin.
    As soon as I attach a category (accessable for limited users) to the main menu, it disapears from the menu in the admin panel when saving. Only solution is to disable the pluging “allow categories”; make the menu with the category; save that and then enable the plugin ‘allow categories’.
    So as admin I cannot make menu’s with categories when the plugin is enabled.

  4. Hi,

    Great plugin! Thanks!

    I have some categories listed in the side bar. Is there a way to not show them to users that do not have the rights to see the categories?


    Having restrictions for user groups or roles would be great. Maybe some combination with role manager?



  5. Hi,
    I have WordPress 3.3.2 installed and Allow Categories plugin 0.6.6.
    Plugin works but not correct: registered users can access to all categories even they have no permissions in plugin’s settings. Please, help!

  6. Sorry, i have put check on (Loged) – that’s why i had trouble. All works!! Thank’s!

  7. Users are not in alphabetical order nor can I find way to sort. Attempting to match large number of categories with large number of users and difficult if not impossible to navigate one page settings for this plugin.

  8. Having problems with menu items and categories that are only visible for certain user groups. If you can contact me by email i can give you the credentials to an test installation where you can see the problem in action.

    Basicly WordPress doesn’t wan’t to save menu items that are restricted for certain users. When i put checkmarks on all items for (logged in users) it works fine BUT then the module loses functionality ;-)


  9. Hi James, I think you’ve developed a great plugin but now it does not work ( I think you already know) in WP 3.4.2 registered users can access to all categories even they have no permissions in plugin’s settings. Each user can see all categories posts.

    Are you seriously planning update the plug in?
    if not can you recommend a workaround or another plugin that makes what yours did?


  10. Hi,
    Everybody ,i really appreciate the painstaking work you all have done in order to get “All Categories “plug in is very useful to me and i will look forward to support your work in near future.

    Thank You once again

    Mukesh Shivji
    Danuc Robotics

  11. Hi,

    I am using “allow categories” which is simple and great but I have trouble because it blocks a slider. The slider works and seems to create particular posts with only “featured image” which are displayed one after the other. There is no category, and therefore my sliders can’t appear. Is there a way to invert allow categories into forbid categories in the php code. I’ve looked quickly but couldn’t find it.
    Thanks for the plugin, hope you’ll be able to help

  12. Hi, it seems that the plugin is broken under V4. When the plugin is active and you log in to protected categories, it the goes to file not found for ALL categories… Any ideas?


  13. Hey James!

    Thanks for at great plugin! Really appreciated.

    I have encountered a problem: “allow categories” blocks non-logged-in-user from seeing my portfolio items created in my theme (X by themeco). And the categories of the portfolio items doesn’t show up in “allow categories”-window so there’s nothing i can do about this.

    Any advice?

  14. Hi. Your plugin really works. But i do get some warning while i adding a new post for a category. This is the warning:

    “Warning: ob_start(): non-static method Allow_Category::allow_removeCategorySelection() should not be called statically in C:\xampp\htdocs\KnowledgeBase\wp-content\plugins\allow-categories\allowcat.php on line 181”

  15. Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in /home/gvmelle/www/weblog/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/allow-categories/allowcat.php on line 491 with WordPress 5.2.4

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